Best Screen Printing Supply Vendors

QCM Logo

QCM is a manufacturer of Plastisol and Water Based Textile Screen Printing Inks. Founded in 1972, QCM has consistently worked on developing the Greenest and most user-friendly textile inks, inks that are creamy, opaque, bleed-resistant and easy to print. The Environmental Commitment of QCM Company is world-class. Totally formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free for many years, and we are proud to partners with them in bringing our customers environmentally sound screen printing inks.

Matsui Logo

Matsui International Company, Inc. offers a wide range of pigment, ink and ink products for a broad range of applications, including the textile, wallpaper printing, transfer and specialty markets. From exclusive patented products, to our wide variety of standard products, every product is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and reliability. Matsui's commitment quality products for the screen printing industry align well with our vision of providing the BEST for our customers.

Murkami Logo

Murakami has been contributing to the growth and development of the screen printing since 1965. Their dedication to research and development, manufacturing of photo-sensitive materials, manufacturing of screens for the trade, and the sale of other screen printing related products, has elevated Murakami to the forefront of the screen printing manufacturing and supply market place.


BBC logo

BBC (Black Body Corporation) is a manufacturer of electric infrared heating components, equipment, and systems.

In addition to fabricating emitters, element panels, and controls as an international OEM supplier, BBC also produces and sells many trademarked pieces of equipment.

camie logo

For over 5 decades Camie-Campbell, Inc. has manufactured and packaged high quality spray adhesives, silicone lubricants, and cleaners & de greasers. They have solid reputation in the screen printing industry and are on being at the forefront of compliance with current governmental regulatory guidelines. Another strong player on the BEST team.

sprayway logo

For more than 50 years Sprayway has been providing industry with the highest quality aerosol products available. Their expertise with aerosol products is indicative of our total commitment to this convenient, ready-to-use package.

RTape Logo

Since 1980, R Tape Corporation has been devoted to meeting the ever-changing needs of the fast-growing, competitive sign, screen print and digital printing industry with the most cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service.

Manufacturer of a wide array of products relevant to these markets, R Tape strives to consistently provide quality at competitive prices.

Ranar Logo

For 35 years, Ranar has designed and manufactured quality low cost screen printing equipment for the T-shirt and textile markets. They also manufacture equipment for the Graphics and ad specialty and pad printing markets, with every machine, right here in the USA!

Their product line encompasses everything from a startup hobbyist or home based business operating from the garage, to a commercial screen printing enterprise. Ranar has the products and expertise to assist your growth. They offer manual printers, T shirt dryers, Exposure Units, Flash Dryers as well as TUF Automatic screen printing equipment. As a further convenience, they have designed complete turn key shop packages which allow you to start silk screen printing immediately and hit the ground running.

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