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SBQ Pure Polymer

Murakami introduced SBQ pure photopolymer technology to the screen printing industry. SBQ is pre-sensitized and has long shelf life. Fast Exposures, often 3-5 times faster than diazo based emulsions. Available for textile, graphics, electronics and stainless mesh. See emulsion guide or technical data sheet for more detailed information.

Diazo Emulsion

Diazo EmulsionSP-300 is an economical diazo emulsion with excellent resolution and water resistance.

Dual Cure Emulsions

Dual Cure emulsion combines the best qualities of SBQ Pure Photopolymer emulsions and diazo emulsion.

Dual cures exhibit a wide exposure latitude and ease of use. Murakami's newest dual cure is Photocure PRO that resolves extremely fine halftones and detail and can be used by both graphic and textile printers.